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syncrepl and subordinate databases


 I'm using OpenLDAP 2.3.35 with a distributed architectures with many
databases in the same naming context. I've designed a scheme of my
architecture for easier understanding : 

I've three OpenLDAP servers (more in the near future) named for this
example like this following list : 

- META-ANNUAIRE : this server host many databases which have subordinate
relations between them,
- FRONT-END : One of the two front-end LDAP servers which have only one
database: a replica (over syncrepl) of the top database of
- OSSA : a server of an sub-organization which provides (over syncrepl)
a branch of the context naming to META-ANNUAIRE.

META-ANNUAIRE is a syncprov provider and a syncrepl consumer. Database
"dc=linagora,dc=com" is provided by syncprov. Others databases are
provided by servers of sub-organizations using a synrecpl definition.
Theses databases are subordinate to the first database using the
directive named "subordinate". I've already set glue overlay for this
database because of syncprov overlay.

I can't retreive datas from servers like OSSA with FRONT-END servers as
I can with META-ANNUAIRE. The database "dc=sp,dc=linagora,dc=com" isn't
yet replicated by syncrepl but I've the same problem with theses datas.

Can I replicate over syncrepl a database with many databases that are
subordinate to the first with all datas ?


PS: I'm using OpenLDAP 2.3.35 under Solaris 10.
RaphaÃl 'SurcouF' Bordet