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Re: rewriting compare ava with overlay rwm

Jens Grigel wrote:

> I'm still not sure if this is actually possible with overlay rwm or if
> i'm misunderstanding the manpage of slapo-rwm. 
> Rewriting the cn's in searches, searchresults, bindDN and compareDN
> works, but the AVA from the compared 
> attribute (here: cn) is not changed from rewriteContext compareAttrDN. 
> "man slapo-rwm" says that the rewriteContext compareAttrDN rewrites
> compare AVA, but whatever i try it's not 
> changing anything in the ldapcompare.

The compare AVA is rewritten if it is DN-valued.  That's the reason of
the context name: compareAttrDN.  So slapo-rwm(5) does not rewrite an
arbitrary AVA's value, only DN-valued ones.


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