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Re: ppolicy pwdreset problem

On 4/26/07, aleem bagwan wrote:
  I m using openldap-2.3.4 version with ppolicy enabled. I have a problem
with the reset feature. If i set pwdReset and pwdMustChange attribute for a
user, say testuser, I can see that it works as expected using ldapsearch
command ie  it never allows u to login & asks u to modify the password.

Here you binding and attempting a search with a reset password...

for the problem: At the client side(say PHP), If i bind to the server using
testuser and resetted password, i m allowed to log in..How is that
possible...it should not work that way..right..It should emulate
ldapsearch..am i right?

..and here you are just binding, I expect. With pwdReset set, you can bind (and change your password), but you cannot perform searches.