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Re: LDAP authenticaton against PAM how-to

On Wed, 14 Feb 2007, Howard Chu wrote:

> Emmanuel Dreyfus wrote:
>   > Sure, I'm very interested by feedback on the actual content on the
> > document. Here are the feedbacks I gathered so far:
> >
> > 1) I used deprecated features, but I was not told which was the
> > deprecated features
> The use of plaintext passwords to authenticate to "strong" authentication
> systems is discouraged. Browsing through the mailing list archives will turn
> up this point in discussions time and time again. The use of Simple Bind to
> authenticate against SASL, instead of using actual SASL Binds, is deprecated.
> The use of Simple Bind to authenticate against Kerberos is deprecated. etc.
> etc...

I found his documentation -extremely- useful. In fact it was the only one
I found that laid out almost the entire process. It should be in the FAQ
with some of the BSD stuff taken out. :)

  Sean O'Malley, Information Technologist
  Michigan State University