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segmentation fault using the refint overlay

I have OpenLDAP 2.3-2.3.30 running over Debian Linux with a 2.6.18-4-686 kernel.
When enabling the referential integrity overlay (refint), I then get a
"segmentation fault" error message when initializing my test-bed database (about
300 entries), at the very end of the slapadd command.

Then, I can start the slapd daemon, but it crashes if I search an entry related
to the refint overlay.

I also use the dynlist overlay which works fine, and I've tried to declare the
refint overlay before or after dynlist, but it doesn't change anything.

As soon as I comment out the refint overlay related configuration directives,
I don't have any problem.

Extract from my slapd.conf file:

modulepath      /usr/lib/ldap
moduleload      back_bdb
moduleload      dynlist
moduleload      refint

sizelimit      500
tool-threads   1
backend        bdb
checkpoint 512 30

database        bdb
overlay dynlist
dynlist-attrset groupOfURLs memberURL member

overlay refint
refint_attributes memberof uniquemember

I've also try to have the refint only monitor either memberof or uniquemember,
but it doesn't change anything. Also, adding the optional refint_nothing
directive didn't help .
Below, the debug trace when running slapadd :

<= key_change 0
=> key_change(ADD,142)
<= key_change 0
=> key_change(ADD,142)
<= key_change 0
=> key_change(ADD,142)
<= key_change 0
<= index_entry_add( 322, "uid=testuser,ou=people,dc=intra,dc=XXXX,dc=YY" )
=> entry_encode(0x00000142): uid=testuser,ou=people,dc=intra,dc=XXXX,dc=YY
slapadd shutdown: initiated
Segmentation fault