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Re: back-ldap: how to bind to remote server?

> I'm trying to use OpenLDAP as a proxy. I want it to bind to the remote
> LDAP server with a fixed dn, and use that dn for searches. This way,
> any dn binding to the proxy (even anonymously) could see objects and
> attributes that the dn used to bind to the real LDAP server can see.

This is discussed in slapd-ldap(5) man page.  See the "idassert-bind"

> My problem is that it seems that the proxy does not bind to the remote
> server (in other words, it binds anonymously), just forwards searches,
> which fail this way, because the remote server requires authentication.
> The binddn and bindpw configuration options are correct, I can use
> ldapsearch to retrieve objects directly from the remote server.
> Looking at the network traffic, I can't see the proxy attempting to bind
> using the dn given in the binddn option.

Then you didn't read the man page.  The "binddn" statement specifies a DN
for a very specific purpose, which is not the one you are trying to

> Here is the relevant part of my slapd.conf:
> ==
> database        ldap
> suffix          dc=company,dc=local
> chase-referrals no
> lastmod         off
> uri             ldap://remotehost
> binddn          <binddn>
> bindpw          <bindpw>
> ==
> Is it possible to configure back-ldap this way?

With OpenLDAP 2.3, yes.  But not with the above configuration.  See


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