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Re: no TLS connections


Howard Chu a Ãcrit :
If you want to have actual security, you should leave it at the default setting. I.e., don't change the TLS_REQCERT setting unless you know what you're doing.

None of the items you point out in the log are errors.
ok, but i still have a problem with phpLDAPadmin. How can i make sure that my setup is fine ? Should i add other subsystems to the log ?

The default value depends on how your OpenSSL library was built. Read the OpenSSL documentation for more details.
I had read it before sending this mail and i tried "openssl ciphers" to get the list of what is available on my box; maybe i was not clear enough. I'd like to know
- must (not can) i set these directives to some value ?
- what happens when there are none ?

thanks for your answer.