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Re: slapo-chain

Joshua M. Miller wrote:
> Is the slapo-chain overlay implemented in version 2.3.34 of OpenLDAP?  I
> have compiled with:
>         --enable-overlays=mod
> support and I get an error on slaptest when specifying the chain overlay:
>     # slaptest
>     overlay "chain" not found
>     slaptest: bad configuration file!
> After reviewing the man page for slapo-chain it looks almost like I
> should load the back-ldap module to support chaining but this introduced
> another error so I'm not sure.
> Is slapo-chain supported in 2.3.34?

Yes.  There's no explicit configure option since it's tightly bundled
into slapd-ldap, so building that backend implicitly builds slapo-chain
as well.  If you build backends as modules, you'll need to load
back_ldap.la to have slapo-chain available.


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