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Re: replog not generating

--On Friday, April 13, 2007 1:12 PM -0700 James Tran <james@nttmcl.com> wrote:


i didn't see that listed anywhere as necessary on the guides but i found
it as an example somewhere on some random site.
Once i put that in it started up fine. Is that normal?

From the slapd.conf(5) man page:

updatedn <dn> This option is only applicable in a slave database updated using slurpd(8). It specifies the DN permitted to update (subject to access controls) the replica (typically, this is the DN slurpd(8) binds to update the replica). Generally, this DN should not be the same as the rootdn used at the master.

So do you really really think you should be using this?

I highly advise reading chapter 15 of the admin guide.



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