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Re: deferring operation: pending operations

On 4/7/07, Howard Chu <hyc@symas.com> wrote:
Ben Beuchler wrote:
> I'm getting a ton of these errors in a row, all on the same connection:

Where does it say there's an error here?

Fair enough. s/errors/messages/g

> Apr  5 11:32:52 swizzle slapd[1626]: connection_input: conn=6232680
> deferring operation: pending operations
> What does "deferring operation: pending operations" actually indicate?

It means that an operation that was just received on that connection has
been deferred, because there are other operations ahead of it that are
still pending. I.e., there's a bunch of operations on that connection
waiting to execute, and the newcomer is last in line.

Hmmm. That particular connection rarely makes more than a couple search or bind requests per second. Well within what OpenLDAP should be able to handle on a nice, fast server like this. Is there a class of mistakes that the client could be making to cause operations to queue up like this?