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Replication with Open LDAP

Hi All,

I'm half way through implementing and LDAP Master/Slave setup and have ground to
a halt on replication.

I have LDAP working fine on the master and Samba works fine with it but I can't
get the slurpd to push changes to the slave.

When I try I get the following:

Apr  5 15:15:37 smb7 slapd[5578]: fd=16 DENIED from unknown (

I have the following in slapd.conf on the master:

replica host=
                bindmethod=simple credentials=??????????? (omitted for obvious

and this on the slave:

# Replicas running syncrepl as non-rootdn      
limits group="cn=Replicator,dc=Group,dc=bordengrammar,dc=kent,dc=sch,dc=uk"

# ACL ensuring replicator has write access
access to *
       by group="cn=Replicator,ou=Group,dc=bordengrammar,dc=kent,dc=sch,dc=uk" write
       by * read

# Replica configuration (if this server is a slave)
updatedn        "cn=Replicator,dc=People,dc=bordengrammar,dc=kent,dc=sch,dc=uk"
updateref       "ldap://";

I've created a group called Replicator and a user in it called Replicator but I
keep getting the fd16 message.

Any suggestions and also which files do you need to check out.