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Re: syncrepl question 2.3.

On Monday 02 April 2007, silly_sad wrote:
> Hi, all
> After reading http://www.openldap.org/doc/admin23/syncrepl.html
> I only ask what exactly should i setup and what programs to run ?
> (on the slave and on the master)

Only slapd needs to run. On the master, it must be configured to be a provider 
(with the syncprov overlay), as covered at the end of 

The slave must have a 'syncrepl' statement in the database section of 
slapd.conf, as covered in 

Please also refer to the relevant man pages for how to configure these.

> If i already have the master populated with DIT and it is running on a
> production server.
> And the master was not configured for replication purposes/
> So i have to do what ? to attach a slave to it.

Did you really read the whole of URL above ???


Buchan Milne
ISP Systems Specialist - Monitoring/Authentication Team Leader

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