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Re: err=52

On Mon, 2 Apr 2007, jerrrry@voila.fr wrote:

my issue is that i have to use the RedHat ES 4 Openldap package.

Then your issue should be directed to support.redhat.com...

I'm pretty sure that your "err=52" is ITS#4429, reported against 2.3.20 and fixed in 2.3.21 (April, 2006).

RedHat obviously doesn't care about patches that affect actual sites (such as mine and yours), even given a full year to integrate them. I'd highly suggest using an alternative software source that has acceptable support. (I would claim that the mere fact that you're running into a known and long-fixed bug does not constitute "acceptable support" if you're running an OpenLDAP server.) But if you "have to use" the RedHat ES 4 package, you'll have to take it up with them that their laziness is causing you production issues.