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Re: test for connection timeout?

Quanah Gibson-Mount wrote:
--On Sunday, April 01, 2007 12:52 AM -0400 Brandon McCombs <bmccombs@ma.rr.com> wrote:


Can anyone tell me whether OpenLDAP has provisions for a client to
determine whether a connection has timed out proactively instead of
alerting a user that the connection has been closed due to timeout only
after they attempt an operation? If not then I'll know I will have to
roll my own method of keeping the connection alive through a periodic
query of some sort.

You might look at the persistent search function in my Stanford::Directory perl module:


which tests to see if the connection has closed, and if it has, reopens it, before performing a search.

Well I couldn't use the Perl module directly since my app is coded in Java but looking at the script seems to suggest the ability to test for an error code of -1 which would indicate the need for another connection handle. If that is correct, then I am basically already doing that because that method is still attempting a query and checking the return code to determine if the query needs to be resent to the server. Without performing some type of client-side polling using a query to keep the connection open, there probably isn't any other way anyway.