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Re: OpenLDAP SPEC File

On 3/30/07, Tony Earnshaw <tonni@hetnet.nl> wrote:
Buchan Milne wrote, on 29. mar 2007 16:06:
>> Buchan has his own philosophy about running OpenLDAP on RHAS/RHEL
>> without conflicting with existing Red Hat OpenLDAP stuff, and it is as
>> well to gen up on that before beginning any build. My experience is that
>> his design is (almost ;)) perfect.
> I think I've fixed your syslog issue ... if I haven't, please send me your
> syslo..conf ...

I don't run syslogd on any of my rigs, I run syslog-ng and my problem
wasn't with syslog, but with other things. I've commented out lots in
the 2.3.24 spec and all works perfectly now, I'll send the spec off list.

So what sort of problems are you having? There are no doubt others on

this list that run Buchan's rpms on RH systems. It would be good to know

what issues there may be.

Norman Gaywood, Systems Administrator
University of New England, Armidale,
NSW 2351, Australia