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Re: Redirect bind requests to another server

On Friday 30 March 2007 07:41, Tony Earnshaw wrote:
> Matthew Hardin wrote, on 29. mar 2007 19:13:
> [...]
> > Those are not your only two options. In fact, many Linux distributions
> > are notorious about lagging many releases behind current OpenLDAP. Buchan
> > Milne and one or two others keep relatively up-to-date SRPMs, and Symas
> > offers professionally-supported binary packages for many different
> > platforms.
> It's worth pointing out that Buchan's srpms are specifically designed
> for Red Hat - and ES at that - and Mandriva, and most probably won't
> build on SuSE (I don't know for sure, I've never tried). The Symas way
> would seem to be the right one to go.
Up to date versions of OpenLDAP for some older SUSE release can be found in 
the openSUSE build service here:

You can find Version for SLES9, SLES10 and SUSE releases from 10.0 on.

They should work more or less as a drop-in replacement for the packages that 
shipped with the products.