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Re: OpenLDAP SPEC File

Aaron Richton wrote, on 28. mar 2007 22:09:

Buchan Milne does.


hmmm, I would expect newer than 2.3.24, maybe he'll chime in on that.
.34 should be a drop-in (might have to remove some patches that have been upstreamed) though.

FWIW I've built (and am running in production) 2.3.34 using Buchan's 2.3.24 spec as is, out of the box, on RHAS4 by just changing "%define version 2.3.34" in the spec:

rpmbuild -ba openldap.spec --target i686-linux --without test

Buchan has his own philosophy about running OpenLDAP on RHAS/RHEL without conflicting with existing Red Hat OpenLDAP stuff, and it is as well to gen up on that before beginning any build. My experience is that his design is (almost ;)) perfect.

Also worth pointing out is, that one *has* to get the /etc/rpm/macros.mdk4rh rpm macros first, as pointed out in the spec file, or the build will barf before beginning.



Tony Earnshaw
Email: tonni at hetnet dot nl