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Weird filter behaviour with ldapsearch


I just encountered that my master server behaves in strange way. In requests to my slave servers, I get desired result:

  ldapsearch -x -ZZ -h slave.server.net \
    "(&(objectclass=posixgroup)(cn=groupname))" cn -LLL

  dn: cn=groupname,ou=groups,dc=server,dc=net
  cn: groupname

when same request on master server doesn't return anything, UNLESS I write e.g.

  ldapsearch -x -ZZ -h master.server.net \
    "(&(objectclass=posixgroup)(cn=g*e))" cn -LLL


  ldapsearch -x -ZZ -h master.server.net \
    "(&(objectclass=posixgroup)(cn=g*))" cn -LLL

  ldapsearch -x -ZZ -h master.server.net \
    "(&(objectclass=posixgroup)(cn=*e))" cn -LLL

but e.g.

  ldapsearch -x -ZZ -h master.server.net \
    "(&(objectclass=posixgroup)(cn=gr*))" cn -LLL

or (cn=*me), (cn=gro*), (cn=*ame) etc. fails. Master and all slaves have in slapd.conf

  index cn eq,pres,sub

I'm pretty sure that this has been working also on my master server. Also my master and slae servers share same ACL definitions. Any ideas what could cause this behaviour??

Same problem exists when trying to read data from directory in PHP script.

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