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Re: Expected behavior of mirrormode

Software usage questions don't belong on the -devel list.

Jesse W. Hathaway wrote:
I am testing the new mirromode feature in 2.4.4alpha and have run
into some unexpected behavior:

1) If mirrormode is on in the config when slapd starts it fails to
synchronize with the producer, this is unexpected behavior

syncrepl rid=545

mirrormode on

2) If mirrormode is off in the config when the consumer slapd
starts the consumer slapd synchronizes with the producer, if mirrormode is then turned on dynamically, synchronization continues and the consumer is writable by anyone, this is expected behavior

3) After mirror mode is set dynamically, if the consumer slapd is restarted, then the consumer will no longer sync with the producer, this is unexpected behavior

Are these bugs or by design?

thanks, Jesse

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