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Re: Error: Objectclass: value #1 invalid per syntax

On Thursday 15 March 2007, shilpa muramkar wrote:

> attributetype(
>  NAME 'outofofficeon'
>  DESC 'Specifies if the user is out of office or not'
>  SYNTAX 'cis'
> attributetype(
>  NAME 'timezone'
>  DESC 'Time zone of the entry'
>  SYNTAX 'cis'
> attributetype(
>  NAME 'shippingaddress'
>  DESC 'Shipping address of the entry'
>  SYNTAX 'cis'
> objectclass(
>  NAME 'ssausergroup'
>  DESC 'SSA Usergroup'
>  SUP groupofuniquenames STRUCTURAL
>  MAY( ssarole $ ssaugtype ) )
> objectclass(
>  NAME 'ssabase'
>  DESC 'SSA Base'
>  MUST( uid $ cn $ sn )
> now i am trying to run an LDIF file which contains a sample data like
> dn: uid=admin,ou=ssausers,dc=ssainternal,dc=net
> changetype: add
> objectClass: top
> objectClass: ssauser
> objectClass: ssantuser
> uid: admin
> cn: admin
> userpassword: admin
> ssarole: administrator
> ssarole: superadministrator
> sn: admin
> preferredlanguage: en_US
> ntuserdomainid: ssainternal

It strikes me that you seem to be duplicating some information that is already 
defined in the samba schemas ...

> using the ldapadd command....all the data gets added except for the above
> one. It gives me an error saying
> ldap_add: Invalid  syntax(21)
>                 additional info: objectClass: value #1 invalid per syntax.
> Does it mean that the objectclasses i have mentioned in the above ldif
> entry are causing the problem?? i.e "ssauser", "ssantuser"?????

Where is the schema definition for "ssauser" ? It is not in the extract above, 
and this is the objectclass being complained about.

> Is it that the definitions of these objectclasses in schema is not proper??

We can't tell, since it may be that you have no definition for this 
objectclass, and if you do, we can't tell you anything about it (since it is 
missing in this mail).

> Or has it got anything to do with the way i have arranged the OIDs?

Most likely not.

> kindly help me out with this..........

Only if you provide sufficient information to be able to help ...

BTW, you say you created the schema file, but did you include it in your 
slapd.conf ? Did you restart slapd after that ?


Buchan Milne
ISP Systems Specialist - Monitoring/Authentication Team Leader

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