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*****SPAM***** openLDAP replication and trigger a script or exec binary

Hi list!

I seem can't find a way to allow OpenLDAP to execute a shell script or exec binary whenever it gets modified by slurpd.

My agenda is to have master->slave LDAP replication and when the slave is modified via slurpd, it will then execute something (shell script/binary/anything) from the system and then resumes normal operation (returning success code to slurpd)

Here's what i understand with openLDAP replication:

Step 1: An LDAP client starts up and connects to a master /slapd/.
Step 2: The LDAP client submits an LDAP modify operation to the master /slapd/.
Step 4: The master /slapd/ performs the modify operation, writes out the change to its replication log file and returns a success code to the client.
Step 5: The /slurpd/ process notices that a new entry has been appended to the replication log file, reads the replication log entry, and sends the change to the slave /slapd/ via LDAP.
Step 6: The slave /slapd/ performs the modify operation and returns a success code to the /slurpd/ process.

in step6, is there a way that slapd performs the modify operation... and "execute a shell script or binary and when it exists", it returns a success code to slurpd process?

maybe a patch somewhere? or a clue where to set this hook? or any light on this?