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Re: slapd-sql with unixodbc - userCertificate retrieval problem

Kevin Vargo wrote:

3) another guy gave you the code in #3386 (a) -- sure, not as a
submitted patch, maybe? -- and if it were pulled into the codebase
this would work?

Exactly, that should be the way to go. Unfortunately, that guy didn't submit a patch, but rather some hint (which, IMHO, would break other functionalities). Since storing certificates in back-sql for me doesn't even have a place in my todo list, and I'm the one developer that cares most about back-sql, either a solid patch comes in, or binary data will likely never be implemented.

If you feel like preparing and submitting that patch, I'll be happy (time permitting) to review, test and eventually apply it to back-sql.


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