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debugging my problem

I am having a problem with an application and when I save, I am given
this error in the logs...

Mar  7 20:57:22 srv slapd[14570]: conn=1109156 op=4 MOD
attr=sambaLogonScript sambaProfilePath cn uidNumber sambaPrimaryGroupSID
sambaAcctFlags gecos userPassword sambaLMPassword uid sambaHomePath
homeDirectory description objectClass gidNumber sambaDomainName gn
sambaSID sambaNTPassword sambaHomeDrive sn mailLocalAddress calFBURL
Mar  7 20:57:22 srv slapd[14570]: conn=1109156 op=4 RESULT tag=103
err=21 text=objectClass: value #7 invalid per syntax

Does 'value #7' mean the 7th item in the MOD attr list in the line
1 sambaLogonScript
2 sambaProfilePath
3 cn
4 uidNumber
5 sambaPrimaryGroupSID
6 sambaAcctFlags
7 gecos

Does this mean that there is something invalid in the gecos attribute?

If not, I am logging at level 256, is there a logging level that would
make this obvious to me?