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RE: LDAP/BDB log purging

> >>> So, are you running BDB 4.2 with or without the patches that
> >>> sleepycat says you must use to use BDB 4.2?
> >>
> >> I would have to investigate that. We're running the Debian packaged
> >> version 4.2.52-18. I'm guessing possibly not.

I asked the Debian BDB maintainers, and the answer is copied below.

> The version of BDB in Debian is currently 4.2.52-24.  BDB 
> 4.2.52-18 is part of Sarge.  Sarge ships with OpenLDAP 2.2.23,
> which is a very old release of 
> OpenLDAP, and there were some bugs fixed with checkpointing and open 
> transactions *after* that release.  So that may be the issue you are 
> hitting.  Are you *sure* you are running OpenLDAP 2.3.32 on 
> those boxes?

Yes, I built it myself, and included the sync logging patch that Aaron
Richton kindly pointed me to back in January.

We build most of our critical apps (OpenLDAP, Samba, Apache and a few
others) but BDB isn't on that list.

Reply from Debian maintainers re the BDB patches:

Clint Adams wrote:
> Sent: Wednesday, 28 February 2007 5:11 p.m.
> To: Lesley Walker
> Cc: pkg-db-devel@lists.alioth.debian.org
> Subject: Re: [Pkg-db-devel] Db4.2 patch query
> > Can you confirm/deny that all 5 of the patches listed at 
> > the following URL
> > have been incorporated into the Debian build?
> I can confirm that patches #1 and #2 have, and that #4 and #5 
> have NOT.

The URL I gave was
(beware link breakage)

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