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accesslog overlay and 'logops all', Can't get get cn=Monitor running and problem with ppolicy (pwdAttribute)

Sorry for trying to kill three birds with one stone, but...

I've been playing with 2.4 this weekend and disovered
the accesslog and ppolicy overlays... But I found a
'bug' (I'm quite certain of it any way :) with the
accesslog overlay.

The 'logops all' config statement does not seem to log ADDS!
Neither does 'logops writes' or 'logops add'...

----- s n i p -----
# ------- DB: 'cn=LOG1'
database                bdb
suffix                  cn=LOG1
directory               "/var/lib/ldap/cn=log1"
index                   reqStart eq
rootdn                  "uid=turbo,ou=People,o=Fredriksson,c=SE"

# ------- DB: 'c=SE' (Bayour.COM)
database                hdb
suffix                  "c=SE"
directory               "/var/lib/ldap/c=se"
readonly                off
lastmod                 on
overlay                 accesslog
logdb                   cn=LOG1
logops                  all
logold                  (objectclass=person)
----- s n i p -----

Full config can be found at http://www.bayour.com/problems/ERROR-slapd_v2.4.conf

Also, I have a problem getting 'cn=Monitor' running. See strace
log at 'http://www.bayour.com/problems/ERROR-slapd_v2.4.monitor'.

And how do you actually use the 'pwdAttribute' of the 'pwdPolicy'
objectclass? I get 'value #0 invalid per syntax' when I try to 
use it as 'pwdattribute: userPassword'...
See http://www.bayour.com/problems/ERROR-slapd_v2.4.ppolicy for
example LDIF an full log output.