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RE: LDAP/BDB log purging

Quanah Gibson-Mount wrote:
> I see no checkpoint directive for this database.  You 
> definitely want that.

Okay. I've done some reading and now know how to specify it, but I'm open to
suggestions as to how to choose the numbers.

We have just over 9000 records (increasing by a handful every day). Updates
are probably no more than 100 per day but we need to make sure they
replicate quickly. "people" records are about 5-6kb.

Would something like this be appropriate?
checkpoint 10 5

And on the BDB version question:
> The question is, what version of BDB is slapd linked to?  For 
> example, if 
> slapd is linked against BDB 4.4, and you ran the BDB 4.2 
> db_archive, that's bad.

No, it was linked against 4.2.

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