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RE: LDAP/BDB log purging

matthew sporleder wrote:
> What options to db_archive did you use?  I'm safely using -d and -a |
> xargs without any issues.  Are you sure you used the db_archive that
> corresponds to the version of bdb that's being used?

The command I ran was /usr/bin/db4.2_archive -d

> After you ran db_recover and the server stopped responding, did you
> restart slapd and it started responding again?

I think when the servers stopped responding they were all busy deleting and
re-creating all their entries.

I stopped slapd then ran slapd -c rid=123,csn=0 which brought everything
back to its normal state over about ten minutes or so.

> How many log files did it remove?

In most cases, about 50.

> Maybe openldap hadn't fully initialized, or had a lot of
> writes pending when you did the db_archive.

There were probably some writes pending, but it's not a busy environment in
terms of updates.

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