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Re: Retrieving single schema attribute from Oracle backend

On 2/27/07, ebru.zeren@nokia.com <ebru.zeren@nokia.com> wrote:


I am new in OpenLDAP so I would appreciate if you can help me with below

1) Once a schema is built on LDAP server (no backend DB), is it possible to
fetch only  a single attribute of the schema

from an external  Oracle DB and the rest of sttributes from LDAP server

What is required to fulfill it? (i.e. Configuration example????)

2) Can Open LDAP server fetch different schema attributes from different
external DB by configuration?

Or does it require another box fulfilling proxy functionality?

OpenLDAP has been known to work with pgsql and mysql, so porting
back-sql to oracle should be possible.

Requesting a single attribute can be accomplished.

OpenLDAP has a variety of different proxy-esque functionalities.
You'll have to research the solution to your non-stated problem