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ldap hot standby/backup


I have configured replica of our master ldap server "ldap.mycompany.com" using slurpd. ,replica is ldap2.mycompany.com. Everything is working fine, I checked it by changing some value 'password' at master and it got replicated to replica.

Now I am wondering how to make this setup of master/slave 'hot standby" so that if master got down slave takes over, and the ldap client applications which using " ldap.ourcompany.com" never complain for unavailability  of  authentication backend.

All our ldap clients appication (wiki, ldapphpamdin, our corporate portal etc) using ldap.ourcompany.com which point to IP of master in our DNS.

ie DNS records..

ldap.ourcompany.com -----> IP of master ldap server
ldap2.ourcompany.com ----> IP of replica ldap server

Any suggestion will be highly appreciated.

Thanks. Askar