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Authenticating via relaying - binding questions

ldap version: openldap-2.3.33

If I have a relay set up from server A to server B via:

	database	ldap
	suffix	""
	uri		ldap://B:389/
	lastmod	off

	database	relay
	suffix	"o=gpc,c=us"
	relay		"dc=new,dc=gpc,dc=edu" message

This works fine for searches. When someone binds via uid=user,o=gpc,c=us
it fails with 49 - invalid credentials. The bind dn in the B server logs is:


when I would want it to translate to uid=user,dc=new,dc=gpc,dc=edu. I
do not see, so far, in the doc. where this is discussed. My guess is
that I am missing something in front of me again, but I am not sure.
Thanks for any help.