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Re: OpenLDAP 2.4

matthew sporleder wrote:
Great, great, great, and great!

Have you done any testing with 2.4/HEAD on bdb 4.5 or any of the newer
oracle/bdb stuff?  I heard they were making a lot of performance
improvements for writes.  (at least, that's what our local oracle fan
club says)

Yes. In fact there are significant performance improvements in BDB 4.6 which are due in part to work by Jong-Hyuk Choi analyzing the memory management behavior of the BerkeleyDB library. (In case you're not familiar with Jong's name, he wrote the initial entry cache for back-bdb, developed the syncrepl spec with Kurt, and has done a lot of other performance analysis of OpenLDAP through the years.) And in the set of slides I posted, you'll see performance comparisons for BDB 4.2, 4.5 and 4.6.

Note that BDB 4.6 has not yet been released; I'm told it's due out this summer. It is MUCH more efficient than previous releases. It will be well worth adopting when it becomes generally available. (And yes, OpenLDAP already fully supports it.)

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