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Paged results and Solaris

Some users of Solaris may use LDAP clients based on the library /usr/lib/libsldap.so.1. One such example is the Sun-provided /usr/lib/nss_ldap.so.1. These clients have historically been at best partially compatible with OpenLDAP, for various reasons. While there has been a lot of good progress towards standards compliance (or at least standards accommodation), paged results have had a long-standing bug. The results cookie was improperly handed by libsldap, causing any results in excess of the page size (1,000 in the case of libsladp) to be lost.

Rutgers has significantly more than 1,000 entries, and brought this through Sun support channels. Patches were released for Solaris 9 last week, which fix this issue

6278068 native ldap client: simple page mode broken in S9 and S10

I note this to openldap-software for users considering migration to OpenLDAP slapd(8) who may have experienced this behavior and falsely attributed it to OpenLDAP software. When properly patched, I can attest that Solaris nss and OpenLDAP work "out of the box" together.