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Re: slapcat hangs without error message

There's a chance your bdb might be corrupt. Stop slapd, run db_recover, and try the slapcat again (with slapd still stopped). Assuming you can get a decent slapcat out of that, the next step would be use it to upgrade to 2.3.33. I believe that 2.2.23 isn't safe to slapcat hot, so you won't be able to accomplish your backup goal without the upgrade.

On Wed, 14 Feb 2007, Voigtlaender@hansenet.com wrote:


I am running a slapd 2.2.23 (debian package) with a bdb Backend on a Debian Sarge system. I want to use slapcat for backing up my database, but it does never dump the complete data. After running a while it just stops and is doing nothing anymore. I am a bit nervous right now, is there another way to get a ldif dump, or some way of debugging to find the error ? I did try slapcat -d 256, but that did not show anything unnormal, it just stopped.

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