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Re: ACIs and OL 2.3

Turbo Fredriksson wrote:

I'm not quite sure how it is SUPPOSED to work, but from
my view, it's broken - ACI's don't work with re23 which is a
stable release... ? Using ACI's, I have to access to create
objects - that's what I see any way...

Well, nobody knows how it's supposed to work, since the expected behavior is undocumented.

And the little documentation there is on the subject doesn't tell
me that I'm using it wrongly (I can live with the changes to
'one attribute per openldapaci - quite easy to programatically

I can have a look at HEAD, but...

Let's put it the other way: HEAD and re23 code differ. From your point of view, re23 is broken. If you check HEAD and from your point of view it works, then we made an incredibly large progress towards fixing your problem. If you don't check HEAD and we manage to fix re23, your problem will be back when you'll need to move to re24. That's why help from testers on rarely used features is important __before__ a release is released. We are approaching end of life of re23 and you realize just now that ACIs are broken, and they didn't see any significant change for the life duration of re23. This is going to go on forever at each version change.


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