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cn=config && (ACI || ACL)

I managed to get cn=config working by following
to the letter (meaning: I had to setup a rootdn/rootpw pair
to be able to do searches).

How can this be used, _without_ using the rootdn/rootpw? I want
ordinary users to be able to search/modify 'stuff' there (eventually,
when I know exactly what it is and how to use it :).

I tried 'access to * by * write' as only ACL, but I _still_ got
'Insufficient access' whether or not I authenticated...
And running with '-d 128' shows NOTHING for anonymous access
(and only 'auth access to userPassword' when using bind DN).

Also (when on the subject of cn=config), in what way is
'cn=schema,cn=config' different from 'cn=Subschema'?
The devil is in the details, but why wasn't 'cn=Subschema'
enough? It have everything (?) that 'cn=schema,cn=config'
have... ?