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Re: LDAP authenticaton against PAM how-to

Howard Chu wrote:
> OpenLDAP does not have a steep learning curve. Just for example, a few
> people came up to me after my SCALE talk to say how brain-dead easy it
> was to get OpenLDAP up and running after struggling unsuccessfully
> with other servers.
> Using OpenLDAP requires that you know LDAP, and if you don't have that
> knowledge, then yes, there's a steep learning curve. But that curve is
> there no matter whose LDAP software you use.

Just my two cents, but I think that I'd clarify this a little.. using
OpenLDAP for trivial (or perhaps default may be a better term)
functionality does NOT have a steep learning curve.  However, using
OpenLDAP for more advanced behavior does, IMHO, have a steep learning

Most of this is due not to actual complexity, but a lack of cohesive
documentation which has of course been brought up on this thread.  I
just think that it is indeed important to acknowledge that the
documentation situation does in fact steepen the learning curve.  (I
find this particularly true for syncrepl replication, and for overlays
and their interaction with each other)

I agree that the community at large bears a large responsibility for
helping to work on documentation, and I'm of course as guilty as the
rest for not actually contributing.  OpenLDAP is indeed a great LDAP
server, and I thank you and all who contribute to it for your hard work.


Joseph Dickson
Unix Administrator - WEYCO, INC. | jdd@weyco.com | 800.748.0003 ext 1216