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Re: Schema Replication

Alex Samad wrote:
On Fri, Feb 09, 2007 at 02:05:05AM -0800, Howard Chu wrote:
Alex Samad wrote:


in a previous thread you mentioned that the cn=config wasn't ready for synrepl
setup (I think you said the master bit was but the slave/consumer wasn't) any
idea when that might be ready and will we see it in 2.3 or will it only be
available in 2.4
2.3 is feature-frozen, so no, it will not appear in 2.3. The feature has been working in CVS HEAD for a few weeks; it will be in the next 2.4 release.

How does 2.4 relate to the symas packages ? Is 2.4 an alpha before it hits symas ? Will there be a deb packaging of the symas as well as the rhel ?

There are many features of 2.4 that are already present in Symas CDS, yes. But it's not a complete back-port. So you might think of Symas CDS as being a theoretical OpenLDAP 2.3.80. The Symas release cycles aren't really tied into the OpenLDAP release cycles; we put in what our customers request, when they request it. We contribute our changes back into OpenLDAP HEAD, and they get into a public OpenLDAP release whenever that's appropriate - urgent bug fixes immediately go into a release, more radical enhancements may have to wait. There are also interesting new features in HEAD that we haven't merged into CDS yet, because none of our customers have asked to use them.

There's a fair bit of patch management effort involved, but overall it's working for everyone. Features that we put in by customer request get shaken down heavily, quickly, because of our own testing and because the features get deployed into real-world use right away. This is a kind of testing that can't easily be done in the OpenLDAP test suite itself, because it requires real data and real workloads. On the other hand, we also produce test cases for OpenLDAP to verify basic functionality and to detect regressions. So in the end we get both broad generic testing as well as specific in-depth testing, and the result is that the code in HEAD gets stable pretty quickly.

As for a .deb package - none of our paying customers has requested one as yet, so we haven't built one.


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