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Re: Changing rootdn password while it's in the db (not in slapd.conf)?

--On Thursday, February 08, 2007 12:25 PM -0700 m h <sesquile@gmail.com> wrote:


Thanks to the help of Michael and others I was able to migrate my root
dn user from slapd.conf to the database.  (BTW should I file a bug for
bad documentation on example from 7.1 from [1]?)

I'm sure I'm missing something that is probably obvious to the
seasoned veterans, but frustrating to a newbie like me.  If anyone can
point me further in the right direction that'd be great.

What is obvious is you really have no clue what you just did, or what the rootdn/rootpw mean in slapd.conf, versus what it means to be binding as a local user. I suggest reading any variety of books about LDAP, and the OpenLDAP web site, until you do understand the differences. I will give you one hint -- Since you are *no longer* using the rootdn, you must provide acl rules to your new local user.


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