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Re: logging

--On Tuesday, February 06, 2007 6:46 PM +0000 Ian Moroney <ian.moroney@techdivision.co.uk> wrote:

Hi guys. How can i set up logging for openldap so i can find out why the damn thing won't start? :P i've got the good old ldap_bind: can't contact LDAP server (-1) problem... and i'd like to look at a log file to see what is causing the problem I know how to set the loglevel to 256 in the configuration file, but no idea what file to look at for the output. Help! :D

Personally, when slapd won't work, I turn on debugging:

slapd -d -1

and read the output.

Of course, being unable to bind to the ldap server doesn't mean it isn't running... I assume you checked to see whether or not there was a slapd process?


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