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Re: Multi Master Enviornment for Openldap 2.3

On Thursday 01 February 2007 17:22, John Madden wrote:
> > It doesn't haven't to be Multi-master but I do what the two instances
> > to have the same data and be able to update requests to
> > modify/add/delete entries without a refferal..
> Lots of FAQ and list archive on this.  A syncrepl slave won't allow
> writes, so that's out of the picture.
> If you really need to load balance OpenLDAP 2.3, I submit that something
> is wrong with what you're doing with the directory -- on decent
> hardware, you could easily serve tens of thousands of requests/sec.

Hmm, I load balance OpenLDAP 2.3. Why ? Because, on the occasions we have 
heavy writes (averaging 30-40 modifications per second over a few hours), one 
slaves isn't guaranteed to respond to our radius servers within the time we 
have to send a response back to the radius proxy. Under the high write load, 
1 slave would not handle the full read load (about 1000 operations per 
second), but each slave can normally still handle about 250 operations per 
second without too much delay.

Sure, pure read performance is much higher than I need (easily 10000 
searches/sec on boxes with no write load), but you need to consider 
worst-case load over the entire lifetime of the installation, and write load 
can have a big impact.


Buchan Milne
ISP Systems Specialist - Monitoring/Authentication Team Leader

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