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Re: Bind using credentials from another directory server

Emmanuel Dreyfus wrote:
Howard Chu <hyc@symas.com> wrote:
Some time ago, I wrote a custom LDAP backend for hijacking
authentication. My goal was to redirect it to a RADIUS server, but you
could modify my code to authenticate against anything else.
For the specific case of RADIUS, a full backend is not needed. If your users
already have LDAP entries, you can set their userpassword to use the {RADIUS}
scheme which will cause a RADIUS server to be used for Simple Bind authentication. That code is in the contrib/slapd-modules/passwd directory in
HEAD and will also be in 2.4.

I guess it did not exist at the time I hacked ldap2radius. Or I did not
find it at that time.

That may be.

In general, unless you actually need to perform all of the functions of a backend, you can usually get by with something much smaller - like an overlay that only intercepts Bind operations, or a password hash module in this case.

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