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Re: Multi Master Enviornment for Openldap 2.3

John Madden wrote:
It doesn't haven't to be Multi-master but I do what the two instances
to have the same data and be able to update requests to
modify/add/delete entries without a refferal..

Lots of FAQ and list archive on this. A syncrepl slave won't allow writes, so that's out of the picture.

As already suggested in another post, syncrepl + the chain overlay will handle this.

If you really need to load balance OpenLDAP 2.3, I submit that something
is wrong with what you're doing with the directory -- on decent
hardware, you could easily serve tens of thousands of requests/sec.

Agreed. Or perhaps they're just accustomed to using a slower LDAP server from some other vendor... I've talked to engineers at a couple of other directory server projects, and they flatly admit that they can't get anywhere near our performance.

If all you're really trying to accomplish is HA, there are valid ways of
doing it.

E.g. MirrorMode in OpenLDAP 2.4 (also available in Symas CDS).

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