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Re: Bind using credentials from another directory server [auf Viren überprüft]

Hans Moser wrote:
François Beretti schrieb:

Does OpenLDAP provide a way to authenticate on it using a DN / pwd of another LDAP server ? I have read the manual page about the LDAP and META backends, but I did not find if it match my will.

At the end I would like to authenticate on OpenLDAP with a DN/pwd of another directory (or maybe SASL credentials ?), and access (probably only through OpenLDAP) to the data of both OpenLDAP and the other directory server.
OpenLDAP uses cyrus sasl for authentication. Cyrus sasl can use ldapdb. ldapdb can use another ldap server (your second server) to check the credentials. so theoretically this should work, I think.

Yes, that would work, as long as the other LDAP server also supports SASL and Proxy Authorization.

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