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Re: gss_wrap/gss_unwrap sasl buffers?

On Sat, 27 Jan 2007 22:48:24 -0800
Howard Chu <hyc@symas.com> wrote:

> Michael B Allen wrote:
> > Hi,
> > 
> > I need to gss_wrap/gss_unwrap all requests and responses into SASL
> > buffers. Is there an existing method for doing that?
> > 
> > Otherwise, I suppose the best techniqure would be to allow the user to
> > register an "inspect" callback that will be called with the data buffer
> > just read from or wrtten to the network. I'm starting to look at the
> > code now but if someone could give me a hint I would appreciate it.
> libldap interfaces with libsasl. The SASL GSSAPI module already handles 
> gss_wrap/gss_unwrap.
> Your question doesn't provide enough context; give a broader explanation of 
> what you're trying to do.

Mmm, I *think* you're talking about mechanism "GSSAPI". I'm doing
"GSS-SPNEGO" which is little different. In particular, after the
GSS-SPNEGO bind, requests and responses (e.g. searches) are wrapped
with gss_wrap/gss_unwrap. That presents a problem because the current
API doesn't seem to provide a method for accessing network buffers.

Anyway, I have GSS-SPNEGO almost working (only wrapping outgoing
messages at the moment, unwrapping is tomorrow) but it required
modifying libldap and liblber. I added an ldap_set_inspect_hdlr
function that sets read/write callbacks. They're invoked in
sockbuf.c:{ber_int_sb_read,ber_int_sb_write} if Sockbuf has a handler
installed. The user must supply handler that read/write and "inspect"
the buffers possibly writing alternative data (ie the gss_wrap'd data).

The modifications were pretty simple and clean. Is there a better way?

Do you guys want to support GSS-SPNEGO?