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RE: slapd-relay

Got it working to a degree, I added the word massage (believe it or
not, like the instructions said). I still have some more testing
and the gdb/valdgind/ITS to do. Thanks!

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I am on 2.3.33 and I am trying to fix it so that people with an
old base of o=gpc,c=us will automatically be given the results
from the base dc=employee,dc=gpc,dc=edu. From the slapd-relay doc.,
I first tried:

database	relay
suffix	"o=gpc,c=us"
relay		"dc=employee,dc=gpc,dc=edu"

and tried a lookup with the command:

ldapsearch -b o=gpc,c=us uid=someone cn

and I get:

result: 53 Server is unwilling to perform

If I change the config. file to:

database        relay
suffix          "o=gpc,c=us"
overlay         rwm     
suffixmessage   "dc=employee,dc=gpc,dc=edu"

and try the same command, the slapd process disappears and no core
file is found (I did a find on the whole system for anything with
'*core*' in it. The output to the terminal is:

ldap_result: Can't contact LDAP server (-1)

and the logs have:

Jan 26 09:38:37 mldap slapd[19110]: conn=0 op=1 SRCH base="o=gpc,c=us" scope=2 d
eref=0 filter="(uid=someone)" 
Jan 26 09:38:37 mldap slapd[19110]: conn=0 op=1 SRCH attr=cn

When I start slapd back up, it says in the logs:

Jan 26 09:42:55 mldap slapd[19149]: bdb_db_open: unclean shutdown detected; atte
mpting recovery. 

and works fine otherwise. I can stop and restart and the warning does
not appear again - as expected (unless of course I do the same experiment

I am sort of new to the linux (RHEL4) environment, so I am not really
sure where I should go from here. On tru64, I can attach to a process,
slapd in this case, I am not sure how to do that in linux.

The two examples I used above came from the slapd-relay man page,
as far as I can tell, with just what they had. Thanks for any help!