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Re: Can't add data to new ou

gandalf istari wrote:
>  i have created a new ou with this command:
> slapadd -l ./new-od.ldif    without any errors

Why didn't you use ldapadd for this single entry?

> when i add data i get this error:
> igor:~# ldapadd -c -x -S /var/log/sync-ldap/ldapadd-userinfo.log -D
> "cn=admin,dc=internal,dc=sodexh
> o,dc=be" -w xxx -h <> -P 3 -f ./sos.ldif
> adding new entry
> al,DC=sodexho,DC=be"
> ldap_add: No such object (32)
>         matched DN:
> ou=Recipients,ou=not_users,ou=users_sxo,dc=internal,dc=sodexho,dc=be

Did you check with too ldapsearch whether the entry


is really present?

Ciao, Michael.