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Re: sessionlog vs syncprov_sessionlog / missing delete phase

Forgot to mention: its syncrepl synchronisation which is running over here...

Diane Corcelle schrieb:
Check out if you have slurpd running on the master ldap server :3
it is supposed to propagate the deletion

2007/1/26, Daniel Eckstein <de@it-eckstein.de <mailto:de@it-eckstein.de>>:

    Dear listmember,

    I have a openldap setup consisting of 1 master (read/write) and 4
    replica, with around 370.000 entries,
    ~200 reads/s at the replica and ~5 modifications/s on master.

    Replication is just working fine in terms of adding, modify
    entries, but
    not, when it comes to deletion of

    If I delete an entry at the master, the deletion seems not to be
    synchronised to the replica. All the replica
    do have the very same count of objects, but they differ to the masters
    object count (master have less, because
    deletions work there...)

    What I have found so far is that I only have syncprov_sessionlog
    configured and the manual page is talking
    about sessionlog too. Which directive should I use on the syncprov

    Is there a problem with the delete phase? What else could I check?

    Thanks alot in advance!

    Best regards,