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base_64 encoding

According to Faq-O-Matic:

The command 
        slappasswd -h {SHA} -s abcd123
will generate 
so, in your entry, an attribute like this could be specified: 
        userPassword: {SHA}fDYHuOYbzxlE6ehQOmYPIfS28/E=
but when you do a slapcat or ldapsearch and the output is in LDIF format, 
the userpassword will be base_64 encoded, and it will look like this: 
        userPassword:: e1NIQX1mRFlIdU9ZYnp4bEU2ZWhRT21ZUElmUzI4L0U9

Just out of curiosity why is it further encoded as everything in
the userPassword is already base_64 encoded except the string {SHA}?
I thought it may be because of the brackets but putting brackets in
another attribute (e.g. mail) doesn't trigger an encoding.