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RE: database relay

Actually, you need to change it to "WARNING - yes this is a warning
of the emergency broadcasting system, yes it works, no it is not
an error message, oh heck I am tired of typing, figure it out".
I did not pick up on that it was not converted and that is what was
being said, but probably should have. Thanks!

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Douglas B. Jones wrote:
> I am working on openldap-2.3.33 and have compiled it on RHEL4
> with the following:

> When I start the server up, I get:
> Jan 25 19:31:54 mldap slapd[14401]: @(#) $OpenLDAP: slapd 2.3.33 (Jan 25 2007 18
> :43:37) $       root@mldap.gpc.edu:/var/lib/ldap/src/openldap-2.3.33/servers/sla
> pd 
> Jan 25 19:31:54 mldap slapd[14402]: WARNING: No dynamic config support for datab
> ase relay. 
> Jan 25 19:31:54 mldap slapd[14402]: WARNING: No dynamic config support for overl
> ay rwm. 
> Jan 25 19:31:54 mldap slapd[14402]:  WARNING: The converted cn=config directory 
> is incomplete and may not work.  
> Jan 25 19:31:54 mldap slapd[14402]: slapd starting
> Where should I be looking concerning these error messages. I hope
> the info. I gave is enough, if not, please let me know what else
> I can include. Thanks!

There are no error messages here. There are "WARNING" messages - which 
obviously are warnings, not errors. If there was an actual error, slapd would 
not have started up.

If you're using a slapd.conf file you can totally ignore the warnings. If 
you're trying to use slapd.d and cn=config, then quite simply, you're out of 
luck because they (relay and rwm) haven't been adapted for cn=config yet.

Maybe we should change the messages from "WARNING:" to "Oh by the way..."
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