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invalidAttributeSyntax error when an empty string is added


When I tried to add an empty string to the IA5 String attribute, slapd
returned invalidAttributeSyntax(21) error.  Is this a correct

from RFC4517:

3.3.6.  Directory String

  A value of the Directory String syntax is a string of one or more
  arbitrary characters from the Universal Character Set (UCS) [UCS]...


3.3.15.  IA5 String

  A value of the IA5 String syntax is a string of zero, one, or more
  characters from International Alphabet 5 (IA5) [T.50], ...

It seems that zero-length IA5 String is allowed, while Directory
String have to be one or more characters.  (However, I don't
understand why zero-length Directory String is not allowed.  It is
very frustrated.)

I'm using OpenLDAP 2.3.27.


Kazu Nisimura